Tasmanian Pepper

Tasmanian Pepper

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Ingredients: Tasmanian pepper

This pepper has a very fruity and pungent taste. The "Tasmanian pepper" grows wild in the rainforests of Tasmania and is a real rarity. It owes its unique taste to the changing climate conditions prevailing there. It tastes fruity-sweet at first, but has a strong, sharp aftertaste. In contrast to other black peppers, the air-dried berries are soft and still crisp. It is best to add it to your dish shortly before serving, as this is the best way for the Tasmanian pepper to develop its full taste. We prefer to use the sweet and spicy note of this delicious pepper variety to refine curries, meat, vegetables, Asian dishes, dips or salsas and make them a taste experience!

Net Wt: 30g
Origin: Australia

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